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Heart for the City, formally known as Perth City Church, changed its name in November 2017 as an affirmation of our identity. We believe God has given us this name as a reflection of who we are and remind us to have His heart for all. We believe that all are welcome and all are wanted in His house.

We acknowledge that none of us are perfect so we don't judge, but rather recognise that we are all on a life-long journey - so figure we should all make that journey together as we strive towards living out the Love of Jesus through our actions and words.

We are passionate about the love, kindness, compassion, mercy and grace of God and that is where we believe He wants us to place our focus. We are also passionate about you! That's right, if we can be part of moving someone closer to God and helping them find a place in the Family of Faith then we consider that a BIG win! Come as you are, dress comfortable (we all do) and meet a friendly, diverse bunch of people!

We are located in West Perth so that we can be at the centre of our great city and be easily accessible to all. Our church service is held 10am every Sunday at 8 Cleaver Street, West Perth, and we would love to have you there!

We look forward to seeing you at the Heart for the City!

Our (short) History

We are a new church but through the dedication and hard work of a crazy team of committed believers we have seen Heart for the City grow - God has been good to us! Heart for the City was started through the support and vision of a church planting group called HarvestNet which is headed up by Ps David Storer of Life City Church with the starting team coming from Centrepoint Church.

Community Programs

Heart for the City is also used to refer to our collective community programs. We named it such because we believe that the Church of Jesus Christ was designed to be part of the solution to the broken nature of our world and so as believers we also want to carry His Heart for Our City!

We run a number of community programs including programs for refugee youth, kids in state care, aboriginal youth - and we're just getting started!

If you would like more information on our Heart for the City programs please click here


If you would like to give financially to Heart for the City our account details are:

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Thankyou for your generousity, your giving realizes vision.