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Welcome Home!

Heart for the City is a contemporary, multi-cultural church located in the Heart of Our City. Our Church family is diverse and multi-generational. We are relaxed, non-judgmental and genuine, and the atmosphere of our Church reflects this.

We know that we are not perfect (not even close!) and so we don't judge each other or anyone who joins us. Rather, we recognise that we are all on a life-long journey of growth, so we should travel on that journey together. We aim to support and encourage each other as we get better at living out the Love of Jesus through our actions and words. We know that there is always room for improvement in this area.

We are passionate about the love, kindness, compassion, mercy and grace of God and we believe that is where He wants us to place our focus. We see the life of Jesus as the perfect demonstration of this love. As we move our lives closer to the life and love of Jesus this world is better off for it.

The name Heart for the City reflects that we want to have God's Heart for Our City (and beyond!). The Heart of God is that All are Welcome and All are Wanted in His House. We also believe that the Love of God is meant to be extended outwards to others, and increasingly so as we become more like Jesus.

We are also passionate about you! That's right, if we can be a part of moving someone closer to their God and helping them find a place in the Family of Faith then we consider that a BIG win!

So come as you are, dress comfortable (we all do) and meet a friendly, diverse bunch of people!

All are Welcome, All are Wanted.

Our Vision

We believe that the Church of Jesus Christ is for everybody!

The diversity of our Church reflects the Heart of God and we consider it a major strength of ours (we jokingly call ourselves the United Nations). Our Church Family encompasses people from different races, cultural backgrounds, generations and walks of life unified together in our faith and our sense of mission to reach and help our world. We want our diversity to be a demonstration of peace and harmony that represents God's heart for humanity. That which unites us is so much stronger than anything that may be different about us.

We want to be a Church that paints the Heart of God in its correct light. We understand that many people have the wrong idea about Our God, they may see God as distant, disinterested or even angry. We are passionate about correcting that misconception.

The good news is that God demonstrated His love for us through the work of the cross and with the awesome gift of Jesus! He is engaged with humanity and individually he longs to be in fellowship with us (that includes you!). God calls us His Children and has given us intrinsic worth.

As well as being carriers of this powerful good news message of Jesus, we believe Our Heavenly Father has called us to change our world for the better. We believe that light is meant to be taken into darkness. That we are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus. That he is called us to tangibly meet need. As we grow as disciples we are called to be welcoming, hospitable, generous, uplifting, faith-filled and positive. And together as a church community we want to grow in those attributes - we want to walk the walk.

Our Vision is to see Heart for the City expand beyond this city and to see Heart for the City churches and charity programs in other cities around the world - teaching those who call our church, home, to also share the Father's Heart in whatever city they may live in.

Sunday Service

Heart for the City is located in West Perth. We have chosen to be located in the centre of our great city so that we can be accessible to the whole metro area (that is, as many people as possible).

Our church service is held at 10am every Sunday at 8 Cleaver Street, West Perth (just off Newcastle Street in between Leederville and Northbridge)

On a Sunday morning we have Kids facilities available - Bubs (babies), Cubs (1 - 5), Roar (6 - 12). Our KidCity workers have Working With Children Checks. There is plenty of free parking available in the vicinity on Sunday mornings

We look forward to seeing you at the Heart for the City!


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